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  • Academy of Asian Business Review (AABR)

    • This journal publishes high-quality papers on
      (1) case studies of Asian businesses and
      (2) consumer studies of Asian consumers focusing on cultural difference.
    • ISSN : 2384-3454 (print version)
      Published twice on June 30, and December 30

AABR Vol.4, No.1 (June Issue, 2018) - Table of Contents

various (June 30, 2018)

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Miracle-Making in Business and Career: Timeless Secrets for Anyone to Create a Best Possible Future

Chung K. Kim (June 30, 2018)

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What Contemporary Business Leaders Could Learn from the Thoughts of Sun Tzu (BC 540 ~ 482)

Pil-Hwa Yoo (June 30, 2018)

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About this Journal

Recently Asian businesses have obtained a significant amount of attention among people all around the world. Many people wonder how such Asian companies and businesses soared all over the world. There is a big demand for case studies on these Asian brands both in academics and business practitioners. Asian countries including China have also emerged to be a ¡°must¡± market to enter for many global companies for their survival or success. However, these markets are not easy to conquer. Many global companies already entered, but not many of them have been really successful. For example, Walmart, the largest retailer in the world closed all of its preexisting stores and left the market in Korea due to being outcompeted by a Korean retailer, E-mart. These lackluster performances frequently occur mainly because companies do not possess a clear understanding of Asian consumers, who have different cultural values, meanings, and life styles from those of the consumers in North America and Europe. As the value of entering Asian markets increases, many business leaders would like to know how Asians (for example, the Chinese) buy, what they value, how they build attachment and loyalty toward brands, especially toward foreign brands, and ultimately, differ from North Americans and Europeans in these aspects. As such we feel that is a big demand for studies on Asian consumer behavior and cultural differences.

Objectives and Scope

The objective of this journal is to publish high-quality papers that deal with Asian businesses and consumers. As the official journal of the AABR, it aims to help professionals such as academics, business practitioners, educators, and policy-makers gain a better understanding of the success factors of Asian businesses and cultural differences of Asian consumers. The journal aims to publish papers that have significant implications implications for both academics and business practices in starting a new business or growing an existing business in Asian.

The focus

The journal focuses on two branches of studies on Asian businesses and consumers: (1) Asian business case studies and (2) Asian consumer studies on cultural differences.

(1) A case study on one of Asian companies or business leaders that achieved significant attention or success, for example, Samsung (Korea), Alibaba (China), Softbank (Japan), etc.

(2) A consumer study focusing on the point of parity (POP) and point of difference (POD) of Asian consumers in terms of cultural values, life style, brand choice behavior, and the quality of life.

The journal will also publish papers that address any other important and interesting issues of Asian businesses and consumers. For example, since a significant number of the bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) consumers exist in Asian, studies that address BOP issues will also be greatly appreciated.