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Call for Papers for the Upcoming Issue of AABR

We are looking for papers that contribute to the study of Asian businesses or consumers. Specifically, we are interested in work that helps a better understanding of the success factors of Asian businesses and/or the cultural differences of Asian consumers. We invite submission of papers on one of the two types of papers on Asian businesses and consumers:

(1) A case study on an Asian company or business leader that achieved significant attention or success, for example,
      Korea¡¯s Samsung, China¡¯s Alibaba, Japan¡¯s Softbank, etc.
(2) A consumer study focusing on the point of parity (POP) and point of difference (POD) of Asian consumers in terms of
      cultural values, life style, brand choice behavior, and the quality of life.

Any other topics will be welcome if it addresses an interesting issue of Asian businesses and consumers. For example, since most of so-called bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) consumers exist in Asia, those studies that address the BOP issues will also be greatly welcome.