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Copyrights & Permissions

When submitting a paper or case study to Academy of Asian Business Review (AABR) or other AAB¡¯s publications, all authors are required to agree that they will transfer the copyright to AAB when the paper or the study is published.

Upon acceptance for publication in Academy of Asian Business Review (AABR) or other AAB¡¯s publications, all authors are required to sign a copyright form, ¡°Author Agreement,¡± as shown below, providing copyright ownership to Academy of Asian Business (AAB). The AAB will grant permission to use its copyrighted content for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to the following:
- Articles for classroom, course packs, or internal use.
- Partial or complete republication in another work.

Author Agreement

Journal name: Academy of Asian Business Review (AABR)
Paper Title:
Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted for publication. Please print out this Author Agreement form, which should be signed after reading the Explanatory Notes attached below and forwarded to the Editor, together with the final proof of your paper.

To ensure both the widest dissemination and protection of material published in AAB¡¯s journal (AABR), we ask authors to assign world-wide copyright in both print and other media in their papers, including abstracts, to AAB. This enables us to ensure copyright protection against infringement, and to disseminate your article, and our journal, as widely as possible.

I hearby agree the following items and submit this Author Agreement form signed to AAB.

1) In consideration of the undertaking set out in paragraph 2, and upon acceptance by AAB for publication in the Journal AABR, the Author grants to AAB, subject to paragraph 5, the exclusive right and licence to publish the above paper. (This licence includes the right to publish (subject to paragraphs 3 and 4), including the right to sub-license appropriate publishing or distribution rights, the material in the article in both printed and electronic form; the Article may be published in printed, online, CD-ROM, microfiche or in other media formats).

2) AAB hereby undertakes to prepare and publish the above paper in AABR, subject only to its right to refuse publication if there is a breach of the Author's warranty in paragraph 5 or there are other reasonable grounds; in such case AAB assigns to the Author any and all copyright and other rights in the Article otherwise assigned to it under this Agreement.

3) The Editor of the Journal and AAB are empowered to make such editorial changes as may be necessary to make the Article suitable for publication. Every effort will be made to consult the Author if substantive changes are required.

4) The Author hereby asserts his/her moral rights to be identified as the Author of the Article.

5) The Author warrants that the Article is the Author's original work, has not been published before, and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere; and that the Article contains no libellous or unlawful statements and that it in no way infringes the rights of others, and that the Author, as the owner of the copyright, is entitled to make this assignment.

Signed by the Author______________________________

Explanatory Notes for Author Agreement

AAB¡¯s policy is to acquire copyright for all contributions, for the following reasons:

a. ownership of copyright by a central organization helps to ensure maximum international protection against infringement;

b. requests for permission to reproduce articles in books, course packs, electronic reserve or for library loan can be handled efficiently and with sensitivity to changing library and reader needs. This relieves authors of a time-consuming and costly administrative burden.

c. the demand for research literature to be delivered in electronic form can be met efficiently, with proper safeguards for authors, editors and journal owners.

There are opportunities to reach institutions (e.g., companies, schools and public libraries) and individual readers that are unlikely to subscribe to the printed journal. AAB works with other organizations to publish its journals online, and to deliver copies of individual articles. It has registered the Journal with the Copyright Licensing Agency, which offers centralized licensing arrangements for digital copying and photocopying around the world. Income received from all of these sources is used to further the interests of the Journal.

Once accepted for publication, your Article will be published in the Journal, and will be stored and distributed electronically, in order to meet increasing library and faculty demand, and to deliver it as an individual article copy or as part of a larger collection of articles to meet the specific requirements of a particular market. By signing this Author Agreement and assigning copyright you agree to AAB making such arrangements.

It may be that the Author is not able to make the assignment solely by him- or herself: If it is appropriate, the Author¡¯s employer may sign this agreement. The employer may reserve the right to use the Article for internal or promotional purposes (by indicating on this agreement) and reserve all rights other than copyright.

The Author has the moral right to be identified as the author wherever the Article is published, and to object to its derogatory treatment or distortion. AAB encourages assertion of this right; it represents best publishing practice and is an important safeguard for all authors. Clause 4 asserts the Author's moral rights, as required by the Act.

The Journal will permit the Author to use the Article elsewhere after publication, including posting the final post-acceptance manuscript version on the author's personal web pages or in an institutional repository maintained by the institution to which the Author is affiliated, in other works or for the purposes of the Author¡¯s teaching and research, provided acknowledgement is given to the Journal as the original source of publication and AAB as publisher.

AAB, as publisher, reserves the right to refuse to publish your Article where its publication creates legal liability, or where circumstances come to light that were not known to the Editor, including prior publication, conflict of interest, manifest error etc. AAB is the ultimate custodian of academic quality and integrity, and will ensure that this will be done only in exceptional circumstances and on reasonable grounds. In such circumstances the Article will be returned to the Author together with all rights in it.

Thank you for reading these notes. This assignment will enable AAB to ensure that the Article will reach the optimum readership.

¨ÏAcademy of Asian Business (AAB) 25-2 Sungkyunkwan-ro (#517), Jongno-ku, Seoul, Korea