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Best Award Winners

Best Academic Award

- Best Research Paper Award

As part of the mission of AAB to encourage business and consumer studies, the best AABR research award honors the best research paper among the articles published in the previous year of Academy of Asian Business Review(AABR).

- Best Case Research Award

As part of the unique mission of AAB to encourage business case studies, this award honors the best case research on Asia business success or fail, among the case studies published in the previous year of Academy of Asian Business Review (AABR).

- AAB Best Conference Paper Awards

We give this award for the best paper presented at the AAB conferences. All papers accepted for the presentation at the AAB meeting are eligible for the award. The finalists are nominated by the program chair, track chairs and reviewers. The winning paper receives a plaque at the awards ceremony of the AAB annual meeting.

- Best Dissertation Award

This award recognizes those who show evidence of completion of a doctoral dissertation at a recognized university in the last two years of the application to that award. The dissertation topic has to be directly related to Asian business and consumer research. Short versions of dissertations are submitted to the annual conference chairs. The top-ranked dissertation is selected for the award.

- AAB Best Rising Scholar Award

This award recognizes a young scholar who is dedicated to conducting research on the subjects focusing on Asian businesses and consumers, and also dedicated to actively presenting his or her papers in the annual conference and in the journal AABR (Academy of Asian Business Review).
Best Asian Leader Award

- AAB Best Asian Business Leader of the Year Award

This award recognizes business leaders who have significantly improved the reputation and performance of their respective organization especially in Asia. Recipients should have a reputation of impeccable integrity and a performance track record admired not only by industry people, but also by general consumers.

- AAB Best Educator of the Year Award

This award recognizes deans as well as other educational leaders that have contributed in creating and/or growing outstanding business programs through which Asian businesses and leaders could get benefit in terms of new paradigms and innovative ways of doing business.

- AAB Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes those who provide outstanding service to the Association in a leadership position (e.g., president, vice-president, etc).

- Best Asian Business 3.0 ¡°Creative Capitalism¡° Award

This award recognizes an organization (private or public sector) that contributed to the betterment of the human spirits and conditions by serving not only its own organizational goal but also the well-being of people. This award is consistent with the AAB¡¯s mission to encourage a business model that helps businesses grow by treating consumers not as passive consuming beings to be used for profits, but as whole human beings to serve.