> Announcement & Conf Proceedings

Announcement & Conf Proceedings

AABs International Conference and World Competition 2018 have successfully ended.
AAB 2018.08.16
609 2018WACC Award Winners List.pdf 2018WACC Award Winners List.pdf  

On the day of this event, the conference hall was full of participants from all around the world. We thank every participant who attended this memorable event and were happy to meet them. Welcoming messages were delivered by the Kwan Choi of SKKU Business School, and the Presidential Speech was given by Professor Chung Kim (SKKU). 

To highlight some major moments, the keynote Speech was How do Asian and Western Consumers Think and Feel Differently? by studying presented by Young-Won Ha (Sogang University).

The keynote panel session and discussion were presented. The members were Sang Yong Kim of Korea University (President of Korean Marketing Association), Sukekyu Lee of SKKU (President of Korean Consumption Culture Association), Geonha Kim (President of Services Marketing Association), Sang Lin Han(Professor of Hanyang University) All of the presentations were very inspiring.

Case panel session and discussion were also presented. The members were the winners of the Best Advisor Awards, Professor Li Chen Lim (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation), Professor Narmin Tartila Banu (North South University), I Wayan Nuka Lantara(Universitas Gadjah Mada), Professor Anna Amalyah Agus(University of Indonesia)

Several awards were presented to outstanding scholars and business leaders, as follows.


Eminent Scholar Award: Prof. Young-Won Ha, Sogang University


Best Educator of the Year Award: Prof. Sang Lin Han, Hanyang University


Best Research Paper Award 

Jung-Han Chung and Young-Won Ha, Sogang University 

Pride versus Face: What Motivates Asian Consumers Luxury Purchase?, June 2018, 4(1). 


Best Case Research Award 

Kelly Sze Hui Chin, Alex Chun Yin Siu, Stanley Yau Kit Ying, and Yifan Zhang, University of Hong Kong  

Da Jiang Innovation, DJI: The Future of Possible, December 2017, 3(2).


Best Advisor Award: 

Li Chen Lim (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation) 

Narmin Tartila Banu (North South University)  

I Wayan Nuka Lantara (Universitas Gadjah Mada) 

Anna Amalyah Agus (University of Indonesia)


WACC Top 10 Award  

The Best Award went to the team of Grab from University of Hong Kong, 

and 2nd best award to the team of Geely Auto from Imperial College London. 

University of Hong Kong on Grab - The World Best Winner 

Alice Tsz Ling TAMTSZING (University of Hong Kong) 

Katrina Ngai Han CHIU (University of Hong Kong) 

Leona Ying Tong CHEN (University of Hong Kong) 

Alison Wai Ting LAM (University of Hong Kong)

(Advisor, Haipeng SHEN, University of Hong Kong)


Imperial College London on Geely Auto – The Silver Medal Winner 

Sarah LAOUITI (Imperial College London) 

Markus Andreas SODAR (Imperial College London) 

Linn BIESKE (Imperial College London) 

Methus DETCHUSANANART (Imperial College London)

(Advisor, Kalyan Talluri, Imperial College London)



Nanyang Technological University on Love Bonito

Qian Ying TAN (Nanyang Technological University)

Carina Jing Ling NG (Nanyang Technological University)

Gareth Wen Shen LHO (Nanyang Technological University)

Jackson Zi Sen LEE (Nanyang Technological University)

(Advisor, Ai Lin CHAN, Nanyang Technological University)

The Wharton School & Yonsei Univ. on Nintendo

Jeong Doo CHO (The Wharton School)

Chaerin LEE (Yonsei University)

Weizhen SHENG (The Wharton School)

Kevin TAN (The Wharton School)

(Advisor, Christian OConner  and Adam Nissinoff, Wharton Asia Exchange)

University College London & Imperial College London on Samsung

Sutida Prasertsintanah (University College London)

Hanfei Liu (University College London)

Tillie Ng (University College London)

Dominic Zesen Yao (Imperial College London)

(Advisor, Stephen Todd, University College London) 


KAIST on Bluehole 

Yongjin OH (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 

Jaewon LEE (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 

Seungchul LEE (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 

(Advisor, Joe Dewberry and Yeosun Yoon, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


APU on Sony 

Jundi Al Faroq Alwi UMAR (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation) 

Jun Hao LIEW (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation) 

Jiajun YANG (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation)

(Advisor, Li Chen LIM, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation) 


IIM/Lucknow& Bangalore on Patanjali 

Anubhav Vardhan (Indian Institute of Management Lucknow) 

Aviral Saxena (Indian Institute of Management Lucknow) 

Mehul Garg (Indian Institute of Management Lucknow) 

Aishwarya Karmawat (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

(Advisor, Dewang Pagare, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow)  


North South University on bKash 

Md Rafiqul ISLAM (North South University) 

Nasrin Akter PROMA (North South University) 

Mohd Nayeeb Bin RAFIQ (North South University) 

Chowdhury Ferdous Bin FARUK (North South University)

(Advisor, Narmin Tartila BANU, North South University)


HKPU on Ctrip 

Haotian ZHENG (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 

Yunru MA (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 

Zhihan WANG (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 

Binhao CHEN (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

(Advisor, Eric Chan, School of Hotel and Tourism Management of HKPU) 


Universitas Gadjah Mada on Indomie 

Christopher Alvin SUDARMO (Universitas Gadjah Mada) 

Nathalia Faustina HALIM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) 

Phelia MYRNA (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

(Advisor, I Wayan Nuka LANTARA, Universitas Gadjah Mada) 


Nanyang Technological University on Didi Chuxing 

Darren Yuan Shao TAN (Nanyang Technological University) 

Wenqian LIU (Nanyang Technological University) 

Gia Tuan VAN (Nanyang Technological University) 

Xuming ZHANG (Nanyang Technological University) 

Christopher Gerard TOH (Nanyang Technological University)(Advisor, Jonas CHEN TAO, Nanyang Technological University)


Congratulations to all top10 winners.  

(Details about Awards are available in Award page - and also in WACC page of this site)



The Poster Presentation Awards


The best Poster Presentation Awards went to the team of Go Jek from University of Indonesia and the outstanding poster presentation Awards went to the teams (as shown in the attached file).





Top10 Case Translation Awards


Top10 Case Translation Awards went to the following teams. Among the winners,


the team of Lenovo from Sungkyunkwan University won the Best Case Translation Award and the team of Wanda from Sungkyunkwan U., Korea U, & Sookmyung Womens University won the silver medal award. (For more detail, please refer to the attached file).




I would like to thank all the participants, world renowned scholars, business leaders, top students and advisors from all around the world, and volunteers. Thanks to you, we had a wonderful time and we sincerely hope that the experience we had during the conference will help us to grow and thrive in our research, careers, and businesses.




We look forward to the AABs International Conference 2019 in the next year.




 Best wishes,


 AAB Conference Chairs