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How Asian Brands Soar 3 has just been published and available for you, soft-cover edition from Amazon.com
AAB 2018.04.03

It is our pleasure to announce that the WACCs top 10 winning case book, How Asian Brands Soar 3, has just been published and is now available for you. 

Any person who are interested in the stories of how the Asian companies transformed themselves into powerful brands can order the book from Amazon. You can also ask your librarians to order the copies for the libraries at your School.

For your convenience, we will also publish soon the Amazon ebook version so that people can access its valuable contents about Asian cases anytime and from anywhere!


Click below to view the soft-copy version.


As a special introductory offer, we arranged with Amazon a deep discounted price compared to  the original price so that not only your library but also many people around the globe, especially those who belong to the regions of economically underprivileged, can access the valuable contents. Since the introductory offer is available only during the initial period and soon to be raised to the original price, we would ask you act soon.



We want to make a dent in the universe!

How many of the following names or companies have you heard about? Huawei, DJI, CJ, Innisfree, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, China Mengniu Dairy, Haier, Filip+Inna, and PT XL Axiata? Some names might sound familiar to you, but others may not. Interestingly, there is one common quality shared by these names; they all soared with wings like eagles while many others struggled or failed under the recent fast-changing, turbulent environment. They have achieved a quantum leap in terms of brand value by transforming their humble origins or crises into great opportunities and explosive successes. These Asian companies and brands have marveled global audiences and caused them to look on in awe and surprise.

Like many other people, you might be curious how such Asian companies and brands, which were not appreciated this much five to ten years ago, became incredibly successful in such a short period of time. You may want to learn how they made such great successes so fast, and then apply it into your career and business to control your destiny in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. This book highlights the success stories of the top Asian cases that were chosen as Top 10 winners among a great number of competitive group contestants in a recent competition, the World Asian Case Competition (WACC) 2017. The top selected cases, combined together, feature how Asian companies and leaders overcame difficulties and crises, and soared in a short span of time. The top cases turned out to be a collection of fascinating stories about the recent surge of Asian products and cultures on the stage of the world market.

The new success stories of Asian brands will reveal invaluable treasures particularly to those who seek a turning point for their businesses or careers. We believe that the stories will give you helpful insights and lessons on how you can prepare your own businesses or careers to soar like eagles.

Prepare your wings for the future.

Time will surely come for you to soar!