> Announcement & Conf Proceedings

Announcement & Conf Proceedings

AABs International Conference and World Competition 2017 have successfully ended.
AAB 2017.08.16
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On the day of this event, the conference hall was full of participants from all around the world. We thank every participant who attended this memorable event and were happy to meet them. Welcoming messages were delivered by the Kwan Choi of SKKU Business School, and the Presidential Speech was given by Professor Chung Kim (SKKU).

To highlight some major moments, the keynote Speech was
Studies of the Victorious in 3000 years: How they develop competitive advantages by studying presented by Pil Hwa Yoo (SKKU GSB).

The keynote panel session and discussion were presented. The members were Yong June Kim of SKKU (Dean of the Graduate School of China), Sang Yong Kim of Korea University (President of Korea Marketing Association), Sukekyu Lee of SKKU (President of Service Marketing Association), and the moderator was Jai Hak Chung (Sogang University) All of the presentations were very inspiring.

Case panel session and discussion were also presented. The members were the winners of the Best Advisor Awards, Yifan Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Li Chen Lim (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation), Maria Herrera (Asian Institute of Management), and The Moderator was Babak Somekh (University of Bristol).

Several awards were presented to outstanding scholars and business leaders, as follows. 

Eminent Scholar Award: Professor Pil Hwa Yoo (SKKU GSB)

Best Educator of the Year Award: Professor Yong June Kim (Dean of Graduate School of China, SKKU)

Best Research Paper Award:
Stephen J. Gould (Baruch College of the City University of New York)

Myung-Soo Lee (Baruch College of the City University of New York)

Best Case Research Award:
Emily M. Nason, Tiffany ManChi Yu, Bella Huiyin Chan, and Chevan TszWang Tin
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Best Advisor Award:
Babak Somekh (University of Brtistol)

Yifan Zhang (University of Hong Kong)

Li-Chen Lim (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation)

Maria Herrera (Asian Institute of Management)

* The Best award went to the team of Huawei University of Cambridge,
and 2nd best award to the team of DJI from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


University of Cambridge on Huawei

Kevin Han HUANG

Selina Juehua SU

Advisor, Lulu OUYANG


The Chinese University of Hong Kong on DJI

Sze Hiu Kelly CHIN

Chun Yin Alex SIU

Yau Kit Stanley YING

Advisor, Yifan Zhang


University of Bristol/ The University of Manchester on CJ

Donghoon YANG

Ashley Yi-Wei TAY

Joonhyung PARK

Advisor, Babak SOMEKH


University of Warwick on Innisfree

Nur Hazeera Batrisyia BINTI NORHISHAM

Kyawt Kay Khine WIN

Ashley LUM

Advisor, Nick Lee


The Chinese University of Hong Kong on Chow Tai Fook Jewellery


Ka Fai TO

Chun Wui LAI

Advisor, David S. O. Yip


The Chinese University of Hong Kong on China Mengniu Dairy

Tsz Kwan, Rannia MOK

Cheuk Yuk LAM

Advisor, Geoffrey DE SILVA


Universitas Indonesia on PT XL Axiata


Laras Kusuma DEWI

Ajrina Diva GHAISANI

Advisor, Gita Gayatri


Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation on Haier


Amira Sakinah Binti ABD RAHMAN

Hasnaa Hazirah Binti ABD HALID

Syaza Zafeerah Binti SHARIFULL RIZAL

Advisor, Li Chen LIM


Asian Institute of Management on Filip+Inna

Adeline Kristel O. LIMQUECO

Karen Rose I. DACANAY

Krizza Rica, O. GAHUMAN

Advisor, Maria Elena Baltazar HERRERA


NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business on SBS

Jason Kim

David Moon

Shota Ono

Congratulations to all top10 winners.


(Details about Awards are available in Award page - and also in WACC page of this site)


 It was a wonderful time for all the participants, world renowned scholars, business leaders, top students and advisors from all around the world, and volunteers. We hope that the experience we had during the conference will help us participants for our research, careers, and businesses.


We look forward to the AABs International Conference 2018 in the next year.


 Best wishes,

 AAB Conference Chairs