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There are two main categories of publications by the AAB. The first is the journal publication; we publish Academy of Asian Business Review, the official journal of AAB, biannually. The other is the book publication; we publish the book series, How Asian Brands Soar, How Korean Brands Soar, etc.

Academy of Asian Business Review - the official journal of AAB

Recently Asian companies and businesses have been gaining a significant amount of attention from people all around the world. Many people wonder how such Asian companies and businesses soared all over the world. There is now a big demand for case studies on theses Asian brands both in academics and business practitioners. Asian countries including China have also surged to become a ¡°must¡± market to enter for many global companies for their survival or success. However, these markets are not easy to conquer. Many global companies have already entered, but not many of them have been truly successful. It is mainly because they lack a clear understanding about Asian consumers, who have different cultural values, attitudes, meanings, and life styles than existing consumers such as North Americans and Europeans. As the value of entering into Asian markets increases, many business leaders are seeking insight on what Asians buy and value, and how they build attachment and loyalty toward brands, especially toward foreign brands, and ultimately, how they differ from their existing North American and European counterparts. Therefore, we feel there is a big demand for studies on Asian consumer behavior and cultural differences.

Objectives and Scope

The objective of this journal is to publish high-quality papers dealing with Asian businesses and consumers. As the official journal of the AAB, it aims to help professionals such as academics, business practitioners, educators, and policy-makers work together to have a better understanding about Asian businesses and consumers in terms of their success factors and their cultural differences. The journal aims at publishing papers that have significant practical implications for both academics and business practices in starting a new business or growing an existing business in Asia.

The focus

The journal focuses on two aspects of Asian businesses and consumers: (1) Asian business case studies and (2) Asian consumer studies on cultural differences.

  • (1) A case study on one of Asian companies or business leaders that achieved significant attention or success, for example, Korea¡¯s Samsung, China¡¯s Alibaba, Japan¡¯s Softbank, etc.
  • (2) A consumer study focusing on the point of parity (POP) and point of difference (POD) of Asian consumers in terms of cultural values, life style, brand choice behavior, and the quality of life.

The journal will publish the papers that address any other interesting issues of Asian businesses and consumers. For example, since most of so-called bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) consumers exist in Asia, those studies that address the BOP issues will also be greatly valued.

The Book Series

How Asian Brands Soar II (2017)

How Asian Brands Soar (2016)

How Korean Brands Soar III (forthcoming)

How Korean Brands Soar II (2014)

How Korean Brands Soar I (2012)

Asian Consumers: Who they are, how they buy, and business implications.

As part of our journey in unearthing the treasures hidden in the recent successes of Asian businesses and leaders, we create a new innovative series, How Asian Brands Soar. The series will feature the recent rises of top Asian brands to document how they transformed their small or mediocre starts into the incredible success in recent turbulent and uncertain environments. The series are collections of the best case studies chosen as the top 10 winners in the World Asian Case Competition (WACC). The series will be available as ebooks on Amazon and be added into the libraries of the world¡¯s top 100 universities, and also those of the top universities in developing countries in Asian and Africa as well.
The How Korean Brands Soar series have been also published and will continue to be published. The series are collections of the best case studies chosen as the top 10 winners in the national college business case team competition, which were held in 2011 and 2013. The series, How Korean Brands Soar 1 and 2, were also featured as ebooks on Amazon and were added into the libraries of the world¡¯s top 100 universities, and also those of the top universities in developing countries in Asian and Africa as well.
It is our great pleasure to announce that to collect the exciting cases, AAB continues to open a world-wide student team case competition, WACC, on recent success stories of Asian businesses. Details about the WACC are available in the announcement section. (Click here)

We will also publish books that feature Asian consumers, who they are, how they buy, and how they differ in terms of product choice and brand consumption.